A bit more healthy workplace

Sitting up to 14 hours a day as a software developer, I recognize the impact of getting older. My back hurts :-)

So it was time to upgrade my working place:

The Secret Lab chair is the best chair I ever bought. I had expensive ones before like the Hag Capisco

But nothing came close to the Secret Lab, as well it works for those larger people or those with some overweight

The next point is a table with the electric height adjustment. I got some recommendations for IKEA, but if you google you find horrible product reviews. So I came to this one, which has a high quality.

For this table, I also ordered another chair, a stool.

There is another option for the table, a big cable tray which makes your cabling clean and secure.

The only point I did not like, the build manual was not the best and it would be cool to have a WLAN Module to integrate the desk with an Elgato Stream deck. E.g. I do now all my calls in a standing position, which also shows more respect to your interlocutor.

The last thing is about Light. LED Lamps got cheap and good lighting is essential to keep your eyes healthy.

The titan chair 479 Euro
Ergotopia table 729 Euro
Cable tray 90 Euro
The stool 179 Euro
LED Lamp 85 Euro

1562 Euros in total. Not cheap, but getting incapacitated costs you more :-)

An optional extension I got as a recommendation is the Noblechairs footrest.

For my Cable Management I ordered this one:

Stay healthy :-)